Flash Development
Flash Development

Why do you do online games?

Internet becomes faster, cheaper, and more accessible nowadays. There is no need to «download-install-play». Everyone can easily play games online now!

Game vendors are greatly interested in increasing online game players community. That is why online game development is a very requested service today.

Why do you do Flash online games?

While modern online games can be developed in Java applets, Shockwave, ActiveX, Flash is the most popular choice now. Java and AciveX are often blocked due to security breaches they can cause. Flash lacks these disadvantages, because it was created with impossibility to harm the client computer.

How flash online games can generate profit for me?

There are several effective ways to profit from online Flash games:

  1. Creation of game portals. Game portals are sites with many online games and thousands of visitors. Game portals generate revenue through online advertisement and paid membership. A good example of such site is Flowplay.com.
  1. Running online multiplayer tournaments like GameDek.com does.
  1. Effective promotion of shareware game. For example, if you are a shareware games vendor, you will probably want to create an online preview for your game, so that your potential customers could quickly see what the game looks like and give it a quick try.
  1. Licensing. An example of such business model is GamezArena.com company, with which ITPremium company has been working for several years. The cost of single non-exclusive licence for one game varies from $250 to $800.

Why Flash online games should be ordered from ITPremium?

ITPremium company is a team of professional developers, specializing in online games development. We are in business for 7 years and have successfully completed about 100 projects. We have been working with major game companies from the United States, Canada, Europe, and Russia. Some of our customers are listed below in "Our customers" section.

Having strong experience in online games development, ITPremium is able to deliver complex projects in a timely manner keeping the quality at the highest level.

ITPremium develops a lot of games using as much programmers as needed to get fast, quality and nice games. QA department performs complete product testing allowing customers not to spend hours searching for bugs in it.

Whatever you plan to use Flash games for, you can be sure that ITPremium is the right company to help you to achieve your business goals.

What kind of Flash online games do you do?

We have experience in creating all kind of game scenarios ranging from the simplest Arkanoid-like games to professional multiplayer games like Multiplayer Pool, time management (click management), different match-3 and inlay puzzles development.

Please visit our portfolio to see some of the games we developed.

I have a PC game and I want to transfer it to Flash. Is it possible?

Most probably yes. We have ported about 100 games to Flash so far, we should be able to do your one too.

So please contact us and we will be happy to check what we can do for you!

I saw a PC game X and I want to develop a similar Flash game for me. Can you do that?

Same answer here. Most probably we are able to do that, so please contact us and let us know what you need, and we will be glad to review your request.

What is the price for creating a Flash game?

The price depends on the complexity of work, so please let us know what you need in as much details as possible, and we will give you a quote.

What features can you add to a Flash game?

ITPremium is able to integrate different game Application Program Interfaces (API) into your Flash game. APIs will expand your game auditory with people from MSN, AOL, Oberon, PopCap, Shockwave, 2DPlay, Reflexive, Cafe, Meez online game communities.

Will you provide all flash source files?

For sure. All source files will be provided after the project completion.

Do you provide support after a project is done?

That depends on the agreement with you. By default we offer 6 months of free bug-fix support after project release.

Our customers

Alawar Entertainment, Inc. - casual games vendor and distributor

NevoSoft - casual games vendor and distributor

SandlotGames.com - shareware games vendor

ArcadeLab.com - shareware games vendor

MysteryStudio.com - shareware games vendor

GameOnSoftware.com - shareware games vendor

Paprikari.com - shareware games vendor

SugarGames.com - shareware games vendor

Retro 64, inc. - shareware games vendor

Bantam City Games - shareware games vendor

Grubby Games - shareware games vendor

GameNauts, inc. - shareware games vendor

HipSoft.com - shareware games vendor

PuzzleLab.com - shareware games vendor

SplasdashSasdpot.casdom - game portal

GamezArena.com - game sublicensing

DoubleGames.com - shareware games vendor

AliveGames.com - shareware games vendor

FlowPlay.com - game developer

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