About us
About us

Who is ITPremium?

ITPremium is a group of experienced Flash programming specialists.

What does ITPremium do?

We develop Flash games and port existing games to Flash.

How long are you in business?

We are in business since January 2002, and since that time we have been providing our clients with effective solutions to complex problems.

Why should I work with ITPremium?

  1. High production quality:
    • About 100 succesfully completed projects.
    • 7 years of flash development experience.
    • We are particularly interested in helping you meet your goals.
    • We provide support after the project completion.
  2. Competitive prices, as we are located in a low-cost area.
  3. Direct and easy communication:
    • We are available by email and instant messengers (ICQ, Yahoo, AIM, etc).
    • Our professional expertise accompanies strong practical English skills, so do not worry about any language misunderstanding.
    • We are responsible, reliable, efficient and direct.

Why should I believe ITPremium?

We consistently get top reviews from our customers. Also please visit our portfolio to check the quality of our work.

Where are you physically located?

We are based in Omsk, Russia (GMT +6). All our employees work full-time in the company office.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to work with you!

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